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Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

This cake is a light and fluffy cake and begging to be topped with fresh fruit or delectable sauces.  Our Gluten Free Angel Food Cake is also dairy free. 

It can be difficult to tell when an Angel Food Cake is done.  Here are some tips to help you.

  • Top of cake should be brown.
  • Cake should be pulling away from edges of pan.
  • Insert skewer into thickest part of cake.  Cake is done when skewer comes out clean.

Recipes for left over egg yolks:

Here’s a food blog I found that has recipes for those extra yolks left over after making an angel food cake.  Keep in mind that not all of them are gluten free recipes.  One of my favorites is a gluten free custard sauce recipe.

Gluten Free Joys

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